Kale Ghode Ki Naal(Black Horse Naal)

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A very rare product which is generally used to perform totka related to shani, this product is generally recommended by astrologers, jyotish to install just above the main door, 

This protect the house from negative energies and also it is a good way to stop the evil eye effects to enter in house. 

Miraculous results seen if it is installed in right mahurat. It is taken as luck enhancer and bring health, wealth and prosperity. As per the experiences of devotees, there is a good changes in financial status after installing this simple iron naal. 

Importance Of Black Horse Shoe Ring/Kale ghode Ki Naal:
As per the experiences of people this naal has its great importance and bless the user with different things.
1. It is a best way to stop the evil eye effects.
2. It protects the house, business premises, land etc from impacts of black magic. 
3. If shani sade sati or dhaiyaa is running then also this protect the person from malefic effects of shani deva.
4. It is a symbol of power and so enhance the devotee with power to get success in this world. 
5. Ring is also made with this kale ghode ki naal and is used for different purpose. 
6. Shani puja is also very successful with this kale ghode ki naal. 
7. It helps to get rid of legal problems of life. 

Which Type of Ghode Ki Naal Is Good?

Hatha Jodi Original

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Real hatha jodi

In vanaspati tantra a very special and powerful root of a plant is used to attract power, prosperity and success, This root is called "HATHA JODI OR HATHA JORI". Scholars who know about this product get it from any where. 

In the scriptures of tantra great importance about this product is available, "tantrikproducts.com" is committed to provide the original pujan items to the honourable clients world wide and in this regard we also provide original hatha jodi. 

You can buy this product directly if you are coming to shirdi and if you want it from courier then also we can send. 

Some Key Information About Hatha Jodi:
1. It is found in dense forest of Madhya pradesh which is in center of India. 
2. If anyone keep an original hatha jodi and worship it regularly then by the blessing of goddess the person gets success in every field. It is one of the best divine herb keep the power to attract name, fame, success in life. 
3. Hatha jodi also protects person from black magic effects so devotees also wear it as a pendent. 
4. It is said that there is blessing of goddess chamunda in this root and so enhance the luck and power of the person who keep it and worship it. 
5. It also protects from the enemy hidden attack. 
6. It act as a shield and protect the person from evil eye effects. 
7. This product is also used in vashikaran saadhna. 
8. It looks like a claws of any powerful bird. 
9. It is helpful for every one whether one is student, businessmen, house wife, service men etc.
10. The english name of Hatha jori is "Martiniya Annua".

Hatha jodi original, 100% real hatha jodi from shirdi, benefits of hatha jori, where to buy original hatha jodi, what is hatha jori?

The Easiest Way To Worship Hatha Jodi:

How To Protect Ourself From Tone Totke of Black Magic ?

How To Protect Ourself From Tone Totke of Black Magic?, kawach to protect business place, ourself, family members from tone totke, know about a magical product of vanaspati tantra.
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protection product

For the decades use of black magic is popular in world to harm another. This power is generally used by negative minded people and those who don't have patience. So it is necessary to protect our self from any type of kala jadu effects. 

Tone-totke is also seen in roads which are done to get rid of negative energies, to harm others, to fulfil wishes etc. And it is also seen that some people unknowingly trapped in tone-totke and suffers a lot in life. 

Let's see some Negative impacts of tone-totke:
Some loose there business due to negative energies impact. 
Some loose health due to bad energies. 
Some face problems in job. 
Some people face problems in married life or love life etc. 

If you travel mostly, if you wander mostly, if you get in touch with several people daily then it is good to keep any kawach to protect our self from tone-totke or negative energies.

There is a magical product which is used for the decades to protect our self, If any one keep it then it make a shield.
How To Protect Ourself From Tone Totke of Black Magic?, kawach to protect business place, ourself, family members from tone totke, know about a magical product of vanaspati tantra.

Magical Product For Protection:

Dakshina Vrati Shankh

Dakshina vrat shank, importance of dakshina vrat shank, buy dakshinavrati shank from "tantrikproducts.com".
original dakshinavrati shank in Shirdi
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For the ancient time sages and scholars are using dakshinavrati shank to attract success. In tantrik scriptures also the importance of this product is available. It is said that whereever a siddha dakshinavratri shank is placed, prosperity, power, success comes automatically. It is because dakshinavrati shank represent lord narayan. 

Now the question is that what is dakshina vrati shank?

So let's understand the mystery of shanks. There are many types of shank available and in real they are not manufactured in any company, they are made by a special species under sea and so shanks are available near sea shore actually. 

In temple regularly we can find the pundit or pujari make sound with shank at the time of arti , it is believed that the sound of shank kills many germs and generate positive aura. So it is advised to produce sound of shank daily in home temple also. 

Types of Shank:
There are generally 2 types of shank available One is normal which is opened from left side and one is opened from right side. The shank which is opened towards right side is very auspicious and known as "Dakshinavrati shank".

Importance of Dakshinavrati Shankh:

Fat Loss Ring In Shirdi

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We all know that fat is a rapidly growing problem in these days, due to imbalance diet, use of fast food, unhealthy food, not only adults but children are also suffering from fat.

Due to this person has to suffer very much in life and compromise at most of the places while doing any work or enjoying any activity. So it is necessary to take necessary steps to control fat. 

In this regard there is a special ring which is made by specific metal and then used at right time. It regulates the metabolic activities in body and help in detoxification. This ring is actually provided by "Matajewellers Of Ujjain" and is available In SHIRDI to at same price too. 

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This fat loss ring is specially designed to control fat and is being used successfully the thousands of customers world wide. Astrologers, naturopathiest and scholars recommend this special Ring of Fat loss to wear. 

So don't worry about any thing, Get the trusted fat loss ring in SHIRDI, get the best fat loss ring in shirdi, Meet personally and get it. 

To get this ring one has to provide the ring size so don't forget to bring your ring number and it will be also good if you call before coming to shirdi. 

Benefits Of Fat Loss Ring:

Shirdi For Blessings Of Great Saint Sai Baba

Power of Shirdi, Best tantrik items for worships in shirdi
Trusted Worship Item Provider

Distance Of Shirdi and Near By Visiting Places

Distance of shirdi and different visiting places, Famous visiting places and there distance from Shirdi in english.
free guide for shirdi tour
Distance between important cities and Shirdi

A world popular place, a religious place but accepted by all religions, a divine place to feel the blessings of shree Sai Baba, A sacred place to know about a Siddha Saint and it is non other than SHIRDI. 

Now a days lakhs of people visit shirdi daily in search of blessings to live life successfully and hurdle free. In a very short period of time shirdi has become one of the favourite place for people around the world. 

Some visit shirdi every month, some visit in couple of month, some visit half yearly and some visit yearly. Devotees have great faith on baba and believe that he is present in shirdi.

If any one is planning to visit shirdi then don't miss to visit nearby places too, find the approx distance of some visiting places nearby shirdi and some important cities far. 

Let's Know About Places Near By Shirdi:
1. "SHANI SHINGNAPUR" From shirdi is approx 73 kilometer and is a very famous place. People from world wide visit here to take blessings of shani deva and to getrid of problems in life due to saturn.
2. "NASHIK" is approx 87 kilometer from Shirdi. 
3. A famous TRAYAMBEKESHWAR temple near by nashik is approx 116 kilometer from shirdi. 
4. Famous Vajreshwari place is approx 208 kilometer from Shirdi where there is a powerful statue of goddess Vajreshwari. There people also can get hot water sources which are said to be very healthy to take bath. 
5. "AURANGABAD" a famous visiting place is approx 108 kilometer from shirdi. 
6. The famous "Global Vipassana Pagoda" is approx 257.9 kilometer from shirdi. 
7. "LONAVLA" a very famous visiting place and picnic spot is approx 212 kilometer from shirdi.
8. Distance between "AJANTA CAVES" and shirdi is approx 387 kilometre.
9. Distance between "ELLORA" and Shirdi is approx 307 Kilometer.
10. "HAZI ALI DARGAH" is approx 253 kilometre from shirdi.
11. "PANDHARPUR" is approx 272 kilometre from shirdi. 
12. "KHANDALA" a very famous visiting place of Maharashtra is approx 241 kilometre from shirdi. 
13. " PANCHGANI" is approx 288 kilometre from shirdi. 

Now let's know distances of some DISTANT cities: